Financial Services

Security and peace of mind isn't a luxury, it's a necessity for every family.

Incorporating convenient medical services of the Live Doctor on Call platform will allow your financial service provider to promote the economic freedom and stability of your clients. While medical bills and insurance plans can be costly and unpredictable at times, Live Doctor on Call furthers the clarity that you afford to your clients by administering efficient medical care at a simple affordable cost of $21.99 a month.

Financial planning does not begin and end with the needs of the individual, but also considers the ensured safety and care of one’s family. Live Doctor on Call recognizes this critical element of planning and affords 24 shared virtual health and wellness visits between family members for one monthly rate.

Secure. Confident. Uncomplicated.

Such an added sense of security gives clients the confidence they need to undertake any financial venture, large or small, while remaining certain that they are not gambling with their health in doing so. Live Doctor on Call allows clients to feel more prepared for the unexpected and to spend more time implementing efficient means of remedying medical issues rather than worrying about if they are capable of facing such expenses and difficulties on their own.

One Membership, One Connected Care.

We all need help at some point in our lives – your clients need it, too. Our online program is a proven solution to mental health care. We provide unlimited online, video-based counseling that is focused on improving the mental health of at-risk individuals or those that require crisis intervention services, psychology and psychiatric services.

Best Prices. Best Service.

While we provide financial freedom through our affordable virtual health and wellness program, your client’s health is also our top priority. We aim to provide a comprehensive affordable solution for your customers. We offer a wide range of medications at an affordable price through our leveraged discounts.