Hotel and Leisure

A single monthly membership entitles up to 7 family members to enjoy the benefits of 24 shared visits with a medical professional.

Worry-free travel means more memorable moments with your guests

With Live Doctor On Call, your hotel service can take the next step in ensuring that concern for the customer is your top priority. The unparalleled convenience of around the clock, expeditious medical attention allows guests to focus on leisure or business without having to worry about unforeseen expenses from unfamiliar care providers. Through a simple monthly subscription of $21.99, guests gain access to their choice of a medical professional who can provide confidential virtual health and wellness advice and prescriptions all without the hassle of an insurance deductible.

Your guests will feel safer and secure, less stress about dealing with unforeseen medical situations. They’ll spend more to stay at your hotel. Our virtual health and wellness program will be a great way to provide superior customer service and encourage return business.

What's in it for your guests?

  • Clients can spend more time getting the most out of their business or family trips without worrying about handling any unexpected incidents on their own.


  • Guests should not have to put their health on hold while traveling or be impacted for being unfamiliar with local medical services.

Live Doctor on Call recognizes this and carries out its mission fully believing that convenience doesn’t begin and end with providing a room, but rather focuses on caring for the whole person.