Unions and Associations

Why Unions, Associations and Employers Choose Virtual Health and Wellness?

American companies are increasingly utilizing medical services via virtual health and wellness platforms. With the majority of companies realizing significant potential for cost savings and additional benefits.

The cost savings from the Live Doctor On Call’s Virtual Health and Wellness program comes from our ability to divert patients from emergency room and urgent care facilities toward an affordable, live virtual consultation. This service will provide access to U.S. board-certified physicians in all 50 states and is ideal for organizations struggling to meet the exorbitant cost of healthcare, RX drugs, and most importantly, the accessibility and affordability of mental health services and the demands of an aging population.

Live Doctor on Call is a creative, innovative, employee-centric supplemental healthcare solution that will reduce costs while increasing efficiency and improving workflow.

When it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans and Schedule D coverage, you can’t afford not having supplemental prescription coverage. If you don’t have prescription coverage before your retirement, you will be subject to the Late Enrollment Penalty. Luckily, our virtual health and wellness program is here to help. By signing up for our Rx Discount Programs today, you can avoid the penalty and save thousands on your prescriptions.

The deployment of virtual health and wellness offerings including mental health and prescription discount programs as a component of an overall portfolio of employee benefits has become an important cost containment tool. An analysis of 17,000 participants in a virtual health and wellness program indicated that hospital admissions were reduced by 30% and doctor visits by 60%. Overall, the study revealed a 45% savings in unnecessary doctor and emergency room or urgent care visits.

Blue Collar Job

Not only does Live Doctor On Call help retirees avoid Late Enrollment Penalty but they can also

Commitment to excellent operation, satisfaction and service

Live Doctor On Call will work in partnership with you to assist on communicating the benefits of the program and member participation.

  • Tailored, targeted and long-term commitment campaigns
  • Engagement activities based on your goals and aims to maximize operation and savings
  • Real-time reporting that measure “hard dollar” savings created against goals
  • Stress-free onboarding and population maintenance through our admin dashboard