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General FAQ for Live Doctor on Call:

What does household mean?

For our non-insured discount products, a household consists of all people who occupy a particular housing unit as their usual residence, or who live there at the time of purchase of services or goods and have no usual residence elsewhere. This also includes students away at school. Households include not only occupants related to the householder, but also any partners, wards, foster children and extended family members who share the living quarters of the householder.

Am I eligible for your programs?

Everyone, without exception, qualifies for any of our non-insured discount or reduced fee-for-service programs.

Are your programs insurance?

Our benefit programs are not insurance. These programs are known as discount programs or reduced-fee for-service programs. They offer our members a pre-negotiated discount for the services provided.

How are the discounts possible?

Live Doctor on Call has negotiated with the providers in the networks we contract to offer you the same discounts they provide to major insurance companies. The discount rates that you see are what have been contracted with the providers of the networks we utilize offering our customers significantly reduced rates.

Are your programs available nationwide?

Yes, most of our programs are national programs with some exceptions. This program is not available in Alaska, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Washington.