Health Care “Simplified” At Home

Published by Biagio Carbone on October 29, 2021

Now, this is the time when you are truly concerned about walking out of your home. If you do not feel in good health, visiting a clinic seems to be the hardest thing for you right now. COVID-19 has altered everything in the world. People stay at home due to a virus infections. If you visit places like hospitals and other clinics, it will escalate the chance of getting infected by the virus. However, health is vital and you need medical help for your illness. Selecting care at home is the only answer right now. Live Doctor On Call offers health care at the comfort of your own home. Simply sign up and this platform covers 6 members of your household including you, which makes a total of 7 in your household can be covered without paying any additional. All for just one monthly membership.

The fear of getting infected by the virus is so much so that you might skip the basic health care needs and want to stay at your home. However, as more advanced technology arises, more and more virtual health and wellness services are being offered. Now it’s your liberty to pick and choose which one is suitable for your needs. 

Live Doctor On Call not only provides convenience, but it also provides you with peace of mind and ease of use. This platform is available 24/7/265 making you secure that whatever happens any time of the day, you can have access to a doctor.

Live Doctor On Call’s virtual health and wellness platform is another important choice for your active living. It shows to be the best choice for you. You will get a comprehensive treatment plan through emails and text messages, and even through video calls. These options are also open to helping you access basic medical care.

Different health care organizations are appreciating these methods of treatment and they ask doctors to provide virtual health and wellness services to people. These services also release pressure on the medical world.

Why Live Doctor On Call is the best Virtual Health and Wellness Platform for you and your family?

We give care whenever and wherever you are

We understand that some places do not have a local clinic in the area and they have to travel a few blocks and worse even a few miles away to their home just to see a doctor. What if your child has experienced a cut in the middle of the night and since you are away from the local emergency room or urgent care facility, you might not be able to go there immediately. We understand this situation, therefore Live Doctor On Call’s 24/7 non-emergency care is here for you. No need to wait until tomorrow for your child to get treatment, just a few clicks in your smartphone will do the trick. No copays are involved, all at the comfort of your home. We like to give doctors right at your fingertips.

We have the most affordable program in the market

Live Doctor On Call’s Virtual Health and Wellness Program is one of the most affordable in the market. With just one monthly membership fee of $21.99, you will get access to 3 main programs:

  1. Virtual Health and Wellness – 24/7 non-emergency care. That illness that can be treated right away without going to an emergency room or urgent care facility is what we cater. All are HIPAA Compliant and our doctors are US Board Certified for your safety.
  2. Mental Health Consultation – 24/7 mental health consultation for you. No need to go out and have your peace of mind. If you need help, our mental health counselors are available to talk to 24/7. All confidential, safe, and free of judgment.
  3. Rx Discount Program – Worried about expensive out-of-pocket drug costs? Worry no more! Our Rx Discount Programs are designed to save you more money. We have Global Brand-Name Mail Order which gives you the ability to save for your branded medications up to a whopping 80%. We also have Walk-in Pharmacy that gives you the ability to save up to 55% for your generic medications.

Still doubtful? All the said benefits above will be with your household since we cover up to 7 members of your household. Why do we say household? Because even your extended family can be covered without any additional payment.

We are not insurance

Let’s face it. A lot of things are not covered by your insurance plan. Take mental health consultation for example. Basic insurance will ask you to pay out-of-pocket just to avail of mental health consultation. Our program is an ancillary healthcare platform that helps you save more money rather than spending a lot of out-of-pocket costs on those that are not covered by your primary insurance. We give you the financial freedom that you deserve.

Aside from that, insurance requires a lot of paperwork which gives stress especially if you are already in a medical situation. At Live Doctor On Call, we definitely have no paperwork. All are under a virtual platform, even your medical records. No need to request it and it will be available right at your fingertips 24/7.

Moreover, insurance may require you to enroll in a certain period every year. Here at Live Doctor On Call, you have no commitment at all with us. The only commitment that we have is for your health to be prioritized. No need to worry about the enrolment period. You can sign up anytime and even cancel at any time.

The growing demand is such that you need treatment at home to stay safe from the COVID-19. Worrying will just add to your stress and worse to your current situation. We are here for you. Contact us and we will give you safety even in the comfort of your home.