Looking for a Convenient and Private Medical Appointment? Consider Virtual Health and Wellness Services

Published by Dexter Perez on October 26, 2021


Undoubtedly, people are searching for healthcare alternatives that are innovative. The extensive use of PCs, mobile devices provide a tremendous amount of information on healthcare. The world of medicine is reaching new summits of excellence and access. Virtual health and wellness has taken the medical industry to a different world of health care, ease, and cost-efficiency.

The use of telecommunication for the promotion of virtual health and wellness services covers three important factors:

• Improving patient access to excellent healthcare
• Saving time in scheduling
• Decrease in cost

Virtual health and wellness services address all three factors by providing patients the capacity to see a physician specialist who may not be located nearby, eradicating scheduling delays in waiting for faraway appointments, and the related travel time and cost which, for a resident of a nursing/rehabilitation facility, can average up to $300-$500 per trip.

The fact is that the future of the medical industry is very bright and it is one of the most significant economic sectors, the growth of which not only increases the economy of the country but at the same time aids people to take good care of their health. After all, a healthy nation is the image of its prosperity and growth.
Live Doctor On Call, being a leading pioneer of virtual health and wellness services across the U.S., specifically supports the cause of providing health care services to the people located in underserved and remote areas. Almost anyone with access to an internet connection with a webcam and a laptop or desktop computer or even just a mobile device like smartphones can avail themselves services of Live Doctor On Call.
For Medicare beneficiaries, they can avail themselves of virtual health and wellness services as supplemental healthcare coverage especially when they are:

1. Under the Coverage Gap/Donut Hole

2. Currently taking expensive monthly medications

3. In a remote location with no immediate access to a physician

4. Have kids in college since we can cater 6 more members of the household a total of 7 in just one monthly membership

5. Currently under crisis management as we have an unlimited 30-minute behavioral health consultation, psychological consultation and psychiatric consultation.

As a HIPAA-compliant virtual health and wellness company, Live Doctor On Call acts as a facilitator between patients and physician specialists by making use of telecommunication facilities. The cost associated with their professional services will now be at $0 since our program does not have any copays or coinsurance. A private medical appointment is one of the convenient solutions for people who need to speak to a doctor about certain conditions or diseases with which they may feel uncomfortable speaking about face-to-face.

Live Doctor On Call – meets the need of the patients faster and quicker. They provide patients with access to US board-certified/board-eligible specialists to ensure high-quality medical consultations.