Stress: 21st Century’s Biggest Problem

Published by Dexter Perez on April 22, 2022

One of the main health issues that we have in the 21st century is stress. It is known to be the cause of many different diseases and illnesses, and it can have many different underlying causes.

In fact, stress can occur to anyone for any reason. For example, one of the issues that many people suffer from is financial stress. People who feel that they do not have sufficient money to cover their monthly bills will worry constantly about how to pay them, those with kids will worry on how to buy new clothes for them, even the list for buying something in preparation for the holidays, furthermore, the emergency situations like bringing yourself to the hospital, or urgent care, which disrupts your financial planning – the list is almost never-ending.

The interesting fact is that even those who do have money to cover those things mentioned, and indeed may be wealthy or well-off and have more money than an average individual, can also suffer from stress about money. In their case, it is worrying about the fact that some natural or even man-made disasters may strike, and they will lose all their money. To those who really do not have enough money, that may seem astonishing, but the fact is that it happens.

Others who have businesses who are already growing and have enough personal income stresses over the fact that they need to build their business up and elevate their strategies even further in order to ensure that their income will be enough that the business won’t fail.

Of course, money and finances are by no means the only cause of stress. For instance, a regular employee may stress to the fact that their deliverables won’t finish until the deadline given by their boss.

Many people have stresses at work. Simply getting there on time every day can be worrying, especially when you get held up because of heavy traffic, or public transport has some delays. Stress can come from your boss who is not satisfied with something you have done or not done. It can also come from colleagues who avoid you and won’t talk to you because of something you said or didn’t say, or for reasons that you don’t really have no idea about.

An employee can also be stressful by the fact that you can lose your job every time you do something critical. Things like this can be very taxing and needs to be paid a lot of attention of it can lead to so many things that you don’t know is a product of stress.

Students also experience a lot of stress. Demands of student work together with pressure from peers can cause a student to be stressed. Maintaining grades and be able to meet your professor’s expectations can also be very stressful.

Yes, there are many things in this world today that can cause stress. How we handle it can have a big effect on our lives overall.

Some people take a holiday in order to relieve stress and get a bit of “me” time. Some people do work out on weekends to release stress, and some will take themselves in a nice spa or a break that they well deserve.

Pandemic and Stress Levels

COVID-19 has uncovered some of the darkest places people might discover in terms of their mental health. According to a recent study from, 63% of adults stress levels are at an all-time high. Even after the pandemic has been quiet for some time, stress levels didn’t seem to tone down.

COVID-19’s “positive” contribution is that people are now opening up about their mental health compared to when the pandemic has started. A lot of organizations have considered mental health to be part of a “comprehensive health programs” and more and more people and media influencers are open to talk about what they experienced. What does this mean to people? This means that we are gradually breaking the stigma. As individuals became more open to talk about their experience and the importance of mental health, people are now looking for programs which will help them in overcoming the daily dose of stress in their lives.

Live Doctor On Call and Mental Health

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One Membership, One Connected Care.

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