Unions and Associations

Meet your memberships needs, while lowering cost, have access to a doctor for medical, behavioral health and prescription program 24/7 365 days, and increase their satisfaction!


Providing compassionate primary care for every veteran, in the comfort of their local community when they need it most. We aim to cater every veteran whenever they need care and wherever they are located.


Incorporating convenient medical services will allow your financial service provider to promote the economic freedom and stability of your clients.

Small Businesses and Corporations

Hire and retain the best talent by providing lost cost healthcare service that’s available 24/7/365 days a year!


Increasing expenditures and the current shortage of doctors have our universities and schools to take on an increasing amount of healthcare costs. 

Hotels and Leisure

The unparalleled convenience of around the clock medical attention allows guests to focus on leisure or business


Lower your employee turnover rates by investing in an affordable and simple yet effective and comprehensive solution to improve your employee benefits. 

Transportation and Logistics

Worried about your employee’s health? Ease your worry by giving them 24/7/365 access to our virtual health and wellness, mental health consultation and Rx discount programs included in just one monthly membership!